About Flixwise

Flixwise is the brainchild of Pauline “Lady P” Lampert. Pauline is a graduate of the San Francisco State University Film Program. After film school, Pauline jumped right into the adventurous and fulfilling life of a major Hollywood Big-shot. However, after a few years of producing dozens of multi-billion dollar blockbusters, Pauline started to feel that she needed to get back in touch with her film snob roots. She decided to set out on a needlessly challenging adventure: to watch all 250 movies on the Sight and Sound Critics Poll of the Greatest Films of All Time. Then she thought to herself, “Yeah, watching all these movies is cool, but it’d be a lot cooler if lots and lots of people could acknowledge what an extraordinary achievement seeing all of these movies will be.”  

And that’s how Flixwise came to be. “What’s that you say? There are lot of people who’ve already seen every movie on the Sight and Sound list?” Well that may be true, but let me ask you this, do any of them have a podcast? I think not!

 About Lady P 

Pauline “Lady P” Lampert is the host, producer, and founder of the Flixwise Podcast. She an aspiring extrovert, interpretive dancer, and filmmaker. It should be noted that Lady P is already an accomplished wisenheimer.

About Emma Guerard

Emma makes the scribbly things you can see on our site.  She is currently sipping her coffee, patiently waiting for Martin McDonagh to make another movie.

About Martin Kessler

Martin Kessler is a Co-Producer here at Flixwise. He’s also an independent filmmaker and an all around movie kinda guy. When he’s not making movies he’s conserving bats, listening to podcasts, and getting around to all the readings he skipped in University.


  1. Good luck with the new blog! Looking forward to more posts.

  2. Naturally I find your podcasts very interesting.You and Gabe have great radio voices, and it was a pleasure hearing Gary who was also brilliant.
    As to your lists, I certainly would include both The Apartment and Casablanca in my top ten. I agree with Pauline that the writing in The Apartment was superb. and I agree with both Gabe and Gary that the plot of Casablanca is very unrealistic. At one point I was critical of Casablanca, because I thought it trivialized the crimes of the Nazis, then I realized that it was a parody and Rick represented America entering the war.

    Thanks for saying “hello Mom” in your original podcast. How about including your Dad in the next one?

  3. Hello Lady P
    Great work.

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