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It’s official. Flixwise co-producer Martin Kessler has signed his soul over to the dark lord Black Phillip, and decided to starts a new podcast – Flixwise: CANADA. Seeing as how Martin is the world’s nicest human, this obvious betrayal of Flixwise founder, Lady P, can only be the work of the Devil. But before you go calling your local exorcist, just know that Lady P is also on good terms with Satan and is totally onboard this new venture.

These new Martin hosted-episodes will focus on topics outside of Flixwise’s usual purview. Don’t worry, we’re still going to have our normal Sight and Sound coverage, as well as plenty of Flixwise Favorites entries and special episodes. Except now we’ll also have episodes focusing exclusively on topics Martin wants to cover.

Like for instance, on today’s show, Martin’s discussing Robert Eggers’ 2016 debut feature, The Witch, with Bay Area English Professor, Burton Fisher. Listeners will recall that The Witch was one of Martin’s favorite films of 2016. Here he gets a chance to elaborate on why this film stands apart from other recent supernatural horror flicks. Plus, he and Burton explore the various influences that helped Eggers shape The Witch’s cinematic world, including puritan folklore and the works of Andrei Tarkovsky.


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  1. “Can I interest you in taking on SALÓ?” LOLOLOL!

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