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Today, Lady P is joined by Emma Guerard and Tad Chamberlain to talk about the 24th Greatest Movie of All Time, Carl Theodor Dreyer’s ORDET. The movie certainly stirred up a lot of existential angst among the panel. Lots of questions arise: What is the meaning of life? Does God exist, and If so, in what capacity? And perhaps the greatest puzzler of them all, what the hell is going on with that ending? Listen up to see if they come up with any satisfying answers.

Then the panel takes part in the annual commemoration of the martyrdom of Saint Valentine.  To honor his sacrifice, the trio offers up a list of cinema’s greatest beheadings, along with a smattering of other “Alternative Valentine’s Day” movies. There’s plenty of blood spurt-age and/or gut-wrenching domestic turmoil to go around. And then there’s also movies about candy, because there’s never a bad time to celebrate candy.

The Final Notes of Positivity:

Here’s Tad’s

Here’s Emma’s

Here’s Lady P’s

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