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A Song of Three Podcasters


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The Greatest Thing Lady P Has Ever Done, Ever!!

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This is the first of many entries in the Flixwise: Alternate Greatest Films of All Time List.

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In going through Sight and Sound’s Critics Poll we at Flixwise have started to notice a trend. We are finding that while the majority of the films on the Greatest of All Time list are absolute treasures, there are a number of times where the critics appear to have voted for some “classic films” in lieu of some truly great ones. We aren’t sure of what exactly is their deal, but our working theory is that critics have something against laughter. We think this goes back a long ways, like centuries.

The point is a number of vital films and even entire genres have gone undecorated for too long. Fortunately Flixwise is here to remedy the situation. We are now establishing our own Flixwise: Alternate Greatest Films of All Time to serve as an addendum to the Sight and Sound list.

So if you think that the entire cinematic history of South America has been egregiously overlooked, or if you think that Crank 2 is a work of staggering genius that deserves wider recognition, now’s your chance to bring your favorite films into the limelight.

What we need now are suggestions for movies to include on the list. If you would like to suggest a movie here’s what we’ll need: A plot summary (shouldn’t take more than 7 minutes to read aloud) and an explanation for why you think it should be inducted into the Flixwise: Alternate Greatest of All Time List. The Flixwise panelists will deliberate on the podcast as to whether or not it should be included in our canon.

You can either read and record the synopsis yourself, or you can write out what you’d like to say and we’ll record it for you.

If you’d like to submit a suggestion for the alternate greatest of all time email us here:

Je Ne Sais Blah!


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“Who The Hell Do These Kids Think They Are?”


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Welcome Back!

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“There is a Podcast… A Certain Podcast”


Listen to the episode below:

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