Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag, Fritz Lang!


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Yesterday (December 5th, 2016) was the 126th birthday of German director-turned-Hollywood-Auteur, Fritz Lang. Today, we honor the legendary filmmaker with a discussion of his 1931 classic, M. Host, Lady P, is joined by co-producer, Martin Kessler, and Flixwise regular, Carrie Specht, to talk about Lang’s disturbingly prescient tale about the dangers of mob rule and police overreach. The panel talks about how well the message of the film holds up to contemporary audiences and whether or not it is worthy of the 56th spot on the Sight and Sound Greatest Films of All Time List.

Then, in honor of Peter Lorre’s Hans Beckert character, the panel delves in to a discussion about sympathetic villains. They talk about the ways in which a sympathetic villain differs from a charismatic villain, or an anti-hero. Plus, each panelist gives their Top 5 examples of the type.

Lastly, they close things out with a few final notes:

Here’s Martin’s 

Here’s Carrie’s

Here’s Lady P’s


About the author: Lady P

Founder, President, and Head Film Snob at Flixwise Podcast

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