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On today’s show, Flixwise co-producer Martin Kessler and frequent guest Anne Marie Kelly, join Lady P for a surprisingly light-hearted discussion of the solemn 43rd Sight and Sound entry: Carl Theodor Dreyer’s 1964 swan song, GERTRUD. GERTRUD, a film about the ecstasy and heartbreak that comes with devoting one’s life to a single all-encompassing ideal, isn’t exactly great material for a giggle-fest. Never-the-less, our panel manages to have itself a good time discussing whether or not Dreyer’s film is worthy of its ranking in the hallowed List.

Next, Anne Marie offers listeners a primer on this year’s TCM Film Fest – an annual event where movie fans gather in Los Angeles, CA. to watch classic films in historic Hollywood movie palaces. This year’s festival theme is ‘Moving Pictures’. To celebrate, the panelists list off the titles they’re most looking forward to in the fest, plus they talk about the ‘moving pictures’ that they would show were they in charge. Longtime listeners may notice that this topic bears a vague similarity to some discussions that Flixwise has covered in the past, but rest assured, this discussion is completely unlike anything we’ve ever talked about before, ever… except maybe this and kinda this.

Finally, they close things out with a few final notes of positivity:

Here’s Anne Marie’s

Here’s Martin’s

Here’s Lady P’s

About the author: Lady P

Founder, President, and Head Film Snob at Flixwise Podcast

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