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Lady P is joined by Carrie Specht and Anne Marie Kelly to talk about Martin Scorsese’s 1976 feature TAXI DRIVER. TAXI DRIVER is tied for the 31st spot on the Sight and Sound Critics’ Poll with another “Golden Age” cornerstone: Francis Ford Coppola’s THE GODFATHER PT. II. Yes, two of the darkest entries in the 1970’s cinema-canon landed side-by-side on the “Greatest Films of All Time” list. A coincidence? Perhaps. But nevertheless, while one may forever be the loneliest number, 31 is now officially in the running for broodiest.

And speaking of Coppola, a few weeks ago, during an off-air conversation, Carrie casually mentioned that she thinks Francis Ford Coppola is the “greatest living American director.” We felt this statement deserved greater unpacking, so this week we hit the record button and talked in detail about it means to be a “uniquely-American” filmmaker. Then the panelists each offer up their picks for top auteur.

Then they close things out a few final notes of positivity:

Lady P has two: This(duh!) and This

Here’s Carrie’s

Here’s Anne Marie’s: This and This



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  1. I love hearing other women (!!!!) criticize/dissect one of my favorite movies of all time. It is utterly refreshing to have anything other than a bunch of white dudes discussing Taxi Driver (and Fight Club, etc. etc.) as some cool, violent bro movie. Y’all are awesome.

  2. I like the character of women, it is criticized

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