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On today’s episode, Emma Guerard and first-time guest, Jason Perlman, join Lady P for a psychoanalysis of the Russian filmmaker, Andrei Tarkovsky. Their primary case study is Tarkovsky’s 1975 feature film, MIRROR. MIRROR is the number 19¹ movie on the Sight and Sound Critics’ Poll. Listen up to find out if the panel was able to make heads or tails of this beguiling puzzle of a movie.

They follow up their MIRROR analysis, with a general discussion of non-narrative cinema. Yes, our panel watches non-narrative cinema. And yes that does mean they’re smarter and better than everyone else!

Finally they close off the show with a brief chat about Jason’s current project, THRESHOLD.

¹On the podcast, Lady P refers to MIRROR as the number 18 movie on the Poll. Because SEVEN SAMURAI and PERSONA are tied for the 17th spot, the numbers start to get a little jumbled. We apologize for any confusion. Those who wish voice a complaint may do so below in comments section. 

About the author: Lady P

Founder, President, and Head Film Snob at Flixwise Podcast


  1. Does this mean that there are more than 250 films? Outrage!

    • No, there are only 250 films on the Sight and Sound list.Though 18 of them are tied for last place.

      By the way, the George Sanders I know would never fly off the handle like this. Whatever happened to the mischievous smile and the cutting remark?

  2. Someone must have lit a fire under him…

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