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Hey guys! Ever wonder what that creepy eyeball at the top of our showpage is all about? Well wonder no more, because all will be revealed in our latest episode. For this edition, we are once again joined by Jeffrey Ashkin to discuss the number 8 movie on the Sight and Sound Greatest Movies of All Time list, Dziga Vertov’s MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA. Dziga Vertov’s 1929 silent classic is the first documentary on the list. So, to celebrate both our first documentary and our very first seamless transition between topics, we spend some time talking about our personal favorite documentaries and how the form has changed over the years.

Then we finish off with a final note of positivity.

Gabe’s got a new hero! This guy

Jeff’s found a great new way to waste your time, and express your creativity…but mostly waste time. Here

And Lady P’s still digging on documentaries. Check this one out!

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